Blake’s first day of Preschool

My friends and I are doing co-op preschool again this year.  It is so much fun to be a part of Blake’s preschool experience and get to teach him and see him interact with his little friends.  Plus….it saves me a ton of money.  This year, as some of us have other kids who are in preschool or kindergarten in the afternoon, we decided to try afternoon preschool.  It’s been a pretty rough transition for Blake.  He was so excited to go the first time, then the second time he was tired and wanted a nap, so he was a ROYAL pain all through preschool at Carrie’s house.  Then, at Kimberlie’s house, he just sat on the couch the entire time and refused to participate.  After that, things looked up a bit.  It was my turn to teach last week, and he was pretty happy to be there, and participated in the crafts and circle time.  Hopefully he just needed a little transition time and he won’t be the Preschool Grinch the entire year. 
Blake's first day of preschool

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