Welcome to the Wild Zebra Spa

Dear Halle girl,

Happy 7th Birthday!  You are growing up to be such a sweet, fun, kind, and smart girl.  We love you so much.  You are my little helper around the house and I don’t know what I’d do without you.  I depend on you for lots of little things throughout the day and you always come through for me.  You are a peacemaker in our home, and your little brothers just adore you.  You love going to school, dance, and playing with your friends.  Your favorite foods are red peppers and spaghetti with meatballs.  You love doing things for others, and are constantly writing notes, and drawing pictures for me and Dad.  Halle, you are such a sweet girl, and make friends easily.  You are a leader both at school and in our home.  You are such a special part of our family, and we hope your 7th year brings growth, happiness, and fun!


zebra cuteness

Halle and her presentsclose up

We had so much fun at Halle’s party.  I have been planning it all year!  Her favorite animal is a zebra, and as luck would have it—zebra print is all the rage right now. We had a spa party at the “Wild Zebra Spa”( aka our house.)  We invited all the mommies to come with their daughters and spend the day pampering the little princesses.  We played musical nails, where we passed around different colors of nail polish and when the music stopped you painted one toe with the color you were holding.  The girls made cute zebra flip flops to put on their newly polished toes.  The moms gave the girls facials, complete with cucumber eyes, and the girls thought it was the funniest thing in the world.  Then came the food!  What would a spa party be without chocolate?  We had chocolate galore!  The girls had a blast eating all sorts of goodies dipped in chocolate from the chocolate fountain.  And then we topped it all off with a toast to the birthday girl, and chocolate birthday cake.  We all had a great time and made some fun memories!

bday collage 2 DSC_0175DSC_0180DSC_0193beautiful girls
Left to right: Autumn, Halle, Ainsley, Riley, Bottom: Jenna, Berlynn

bday collage  DSC_0168    DSC_0259

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wild Zebra Spa

  1. So so so cute!! Nice work!! Please tell me you made that cake. Is adorable. I can't believe she's 7. I swear yesterday she was just a tiny baby. 😦 she's growing up too fast!!


  2. 4 things
    1) Happy Bday Halle from Kasey and Lizzie
    2) Tara – you must be old
    3) I have a similar picture of us in high school with masks and cucumbers. Funny!
    4) I'm assuming my invitation got lost in the mail


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