Muir Woods, Bay Area Discover Museum and 16th Ave Tile Steps

Aug 3–Wednesday morning we woke up and begrudgingly ran the hills in our neighborhood. It was actually a pretty good run where we run to Glen Park. Part of it is a trail run. Good 5 miles. We came home and got in the car and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge in our rental car. First time driving over the bridge. Tara really wanted to snap a few family pictures at Battery Johnson.  We were hoping for some sunny skies, but no luck.  It was so windy and freezing.  We took pictures as fast as we could and ran back to the car.
File Aug 04, 11 01 56 AMFile Aug 04, 11 01 04 AMFile Aug 04, 11 00 41 AM

WE decided to go to Muir Woods. Even though we are going to redwoods in a week but I’m glad we did it. We drove through the windy road. After only one wrong turn we were there. We had to park forever away, it was packed even on a Wednesday weekday. We ate our lunch in the car and then headed to the trail. The trail was great, a perfect length. The trees were impressive and beautiful. The scenery was profound. We didn’t stay too long because we wanted to check out Muir beach before we were to meet Bailey and Justin Stewart. Bailey is Sarah’s sister and we met at Jim’s funeral.
2016-08-03 13.22.382016-08-03 13.11.352016-08-03 13.04.082016-08-03 12.58.592016-08-03 12.45.45

We drove back to Muir beach which was just a little bit out of the way and it was very meh. Definitely looked like a place to learn to surf, but that was about it. And it was very stinky!
2016-08-03 13.58.43

We headed back to the bay to the Bay Area Discovery Museum which is right on the Marin side of the bridge next to the water. It was geared for younger kids but was very well done. It was an old army base. Each barracks was turned into a different themed room. There was a boat. There was a 3D printer and a laser cutter. Bailey and Justin are great. We had a really fun afternoon chatting with them. They live in Vallejo and Justin works for a Gas Company. THey have a tiny 2 month old baby and a two year old. We closed the Museum down @ 5 and then headed to buy them dinner.
2016-08-03 16.09.062016-08-03 14.41.442016-08-03 16.31.322016-08-03 16.30.35

We wanted to find somewhere somewhat casual because of all our kids and found a great seafood place that was perfect because you order at the counter. It was called Fish.  Except it was Cash only AND crazy expensive, $25 for Fish and Chips which our KIDS ORDERED. That’s a pricy kids meal. Not a lot of kids menu’s in San Francisco.  To  be fair, they did share. It was absolutely delicious–I’d go back in an instant–and fun to buy dinner for Bailey and Justin. We are so glad we got to see them while we were here.
2016-08-03 18.00.382016-08-03 18.41.31 HDR

Afterward we headed back across the bridge and since we had the car we hit up the 16th avenue steps which we’ve been wanting to do for awhile but it’s always too far a walk. They were beautiful but OH SO COLD. We were freezing. This city has so many high vantage points where the city views are just amazing. And Blake had to go to the bathroom, he said he was going to explode Because he drank the entire gingerale. We warn up and ran down and buzzed home.  You will be pleased to know that Blake did not explode. 

2016-08-03 19.18.07-22016-08-03 19.21.212016-08-03 19.21.53

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