Biking the Golden Gate Bridge

This turned out to be one of the most adventurous days we’ve had so far!  The kids have been so excited to do this and ask about it constantly, but we decided to save it for when Nat and Carlie were here.  The day started with a walk to Tartine for some delicious treats.  We got morning buns, banana creme tart, lemon tarts, and savory scones.  We took it all to Delores Park and had a feast.  Notice the bright sunshine.  It was a beautiful day.
2016-07-29 10.31.54
After we finished our feast we decided to have some fun on the fat slide.  Rusty turned it into our very own Full House moment. We think we are hilarious.

Then we hopped on the bus and headed down to Fisherman’s warf.  We stopped to see the Sea Lions and a few other fun sites along the way.
2016-07-29 12.07.54 HDR

When we got to the bike rental shop, Blazing Saddles, we were told that they didn’t carry kids stuff at that particular location.  But just a short walk away was their main shop and we could get trailers and kids bikes there.  It was not a short walk.  It was a very long walk.  But, we made it and got all outfitted up.
2016-07-29 14.05.022016-07-29 14.05.10

Finally, we were on our way!  And so was the fog.  As we were riding along Chrissy Fields  it was getting windier and windier and foggier and foggier.  We couldn’t see the bridge at all, even though it was right in front of us.  2016-07-29 14.47.08

We made the final big climb up the hill and we had made it to the bridge!  This was our majestic view of San Francisco.
2016-07-29 15.43.13
It was like this most of the way until right at the very end.  The fog abruptly stopped.  It was like passing through a wall.  We were back in beautiful sunshine.
2016-07-29 15.46.34

We stopped on the after we got all the way across to snap a few pictures and then we made our way down to Sausalito. Which Josh calls, “The Sauce Place.”
2016-07-29 15.55.412016-07-29 15.56.362016-07-29 16.07.48

We finished up the bike ride in Sausalito where we intended to get dinner and hang out by the water for awhile before catching the Ferry back to San Fran. Well….when we got there we were told that the line to get on the ferry with bikes was 1 1/2-2 hours long!  Yikes.  That was not going to work with our plans, as we had tickets to Beach Blanket Babylon that evening and everyone was hungry and needed dinner.  We tried a taxi service but it was super expensive and couldn’t fit all of us.  We resigned ourselves to the line when Rusty spotted a Bike Valet service.  For $10 they would take your bikes back to San Fran and return them for you.  Hooray!  We were saved!  It was well worth the $10 per bike.  We went to dinner at a little place called Fish and Chips and it was absolutely delicious.  And cheap!  A rare combo in these parts.  Then, because we had no bikes we could walk right on to the ferry.
2016-07-29 18.06.13 HDR

Here we are in Sunny Sausalito. You can see the string of clouds that are right over GG Bridge in the pic below.

2016-07-29 18.11.43


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