Fun in our neighborhood

Our street is right on the border of Noe Valley and the Mission District.  We love it!  We have easy access to all the food and fun in the Mission, and the peace and quiet of Noe Valley.  Here are a few of our favorite things.

MISSION DOLORES PARK.  This place is amazing.  Our favorite park in the city and it’s right around the corner.

2016-07-27 13.33.42

At the top corner of the park is the Golden Fire Hydrant.  It is dubbed as the fire hydrant that saved the Mission during the earthquake and fires of 1906.  Most of the fire hydrants failed, but not this trusty guy.  He got the job done.

2016-07-27 13.35.43

Mission Dolores.  This is the oldest building in San Francisco.  There have been many additions over the years but many f the original features remain.  San Fran was founded 5 days before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

2016-07-27 15.10.562016-07-27 15.28.36
La Taquieria.  Or as Josh calls it, “La Tranquilizer.”  It’s hard to decided if we like this place or El Farolito better.  La Taquieria has dorado style–where they grill the burrito shell right before serving.  El Farolito’s burritos are enormous! Either way, the Mission has delicious tacos and burritos.
san_francisco_la_taqueria_0.02016-07-28 17.22.57
TARTINE. Two words. Morning Buns.

Seaward mini Park concrete slides.  Getting here is half the adventure.  We climbed the steepest hills yet and they just wouldn’t stop.  It took us 45 minutes to walk the mile to this park.  But the slides were unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  So steep and so fast. Halle absolutely loved them, Blake liked them, and after one time down Josh swore he’d never do team again.

2016-07-27 14.04.24

The murals are really neat. 24th street is famous for its many murals, but there are little gems all over the neghborhood.  My favorite is “An Afternoon at Dolores Park.”
2016-07-14 08.02.57

2016-07-27 13.23.21

2016-08-05 13.08.412016-08-05 13.05.562016-08-05 13.04.15

Love this awesome Rainbow crosswalk in the Castro.  So fun.
2016-07-13 08.25.49

It is a race to get to the door of our apartment.  The winner gets to unlock the digital lock with a special code.  Things were getting so rough and tumble that we had to institute a system where every child gets a day to unlock the door and they get to do it for the entire day.  They have named the lock “Pharoah.”  This came from when I was saying the name of the street “Fair Oaks” and they misunderstood me.
2016-07-27 16.28.17-1

Meet Joey the Angry Derp Face.  Blake and Josh named him.  He is a creature etched into the sidewalk near our house and we pass him everyday.

2016-07-18 18.48.09

So. Many. Stairs. To get out of the BART station.
2016-07-18 18.33.51

Me blogging.  I really really really wish I would have brought my own laptop.  Rusty never shares. 😉
2016-07-18 10.10.38

St. Francis fountain is a Mission institution.  And for good reason.  Do you see this Battleship Sundae?
2016-08-05 13.33.222016-08-05 13.49.33 HDR

Fire! This building was only 2 blocks away!

My favorite house in the ‘hood. Aren’t the colors awesome?!?

The kids love to ride in Uber and Lyft. We love talking to all the different drivers about life. We’ve met drivers from all around the world and they always have great stories to share with us.

This isn’t in our neighborhood, but I just love these cute little street cars.

Our favorite unwinding activity was watching Full House. Or reading with Dad. Or the Olympics once they started.

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