Blake turns 10 months

Blake is now in double digit months!  Where does the time go?  He is learning lots of exciting new tricks.  Finally he is a proficient crawler.  He has a funny little crawl where he uses one foot and one knee.  I’ll post a video.  With crawling comes a new found freedom that Blake LOVES.  He used to whine and cry if ever he was left alone in a room even for one second.  But now that he can move, he loves to crawl from room to room or toy to toy discovering new things. He is a much more content baby.  He also LOVES to stand and is so proud of himself when he pulls up on the couch or on a chair. 

He can also play peek-a-boo.  It’s so cute to see his chubby little hands cover his eyes. 

And most importantly—he has learned his first word.  He says, “Light.” Every single time a light goes on or off, he looks up or points his little arm and says, “light.”  I’m trying very hard to teach him mama….

Although he enjoys his new independence, he still likes it best when someone is playing with him or holding him.  When I pick him up, he puts his head on my should and says, “ahhh”  It’s so sweet. 

brand new haircut

This is his handsome new haircut

8 thoughts on “Blake turns 10 months

  1. Hey there!

    He is a handsome little fella no doubt!

    Sorry it has been so long. I had to take me a little a little bloggy break, but Im back now and getting blog froggy with it again! LOL

    Cant wait to get in here more often and check on you guys.

    Looking forward to the launch Rusty!

    Love and Prayers,

    Tim and Carey


  2. YAY! He's so cute and seem SO sweet! I love his haircut and am jealous that he had enough hair to get a haircut. (why do boys always get all the hair?)

    AND I want to see his crawl. I'm picturing it in my head and laughing– Kenzie had a goofy crawl too that we would always laugh at.


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