Best Big Sister

Best Big SisterThe other day I was getting after the kids for fighting. There has been a TON of fighting on this trip and I was sick of it. It is so not fun to play referee all day to bickering kids. I said that we had a really great opportunity to become closer as a family and share some real fun, special adventures and memories together or we could just continue to be annoyed at every small gesture and be miserable for the trip. They all did their big sighs and quieted down. Later that night Halle decided to host a sibling sleepover in her room. Which is a huge deal because usually she lets the boys nowhere near her room. The were going to have a stuffie party. She planned a disco dance complete with a strobe light app, they played pin the tail on the dragon, played musical chairs and had raffle prizes. There were still squeals and laughter coming from her room when Rusty and I went to bed around 10:30. The next morning the boys just lit up when I asked them about it and for the past couple days they have truly enjoyed each other’s company. It’s amazing what one small gesture of love and inclusion can accomplish. I was really proud of my Halle girl.

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