I wish I could say that Blake and Josh are the best of friends, but I can’t.  Josh is so terrified all the time that Blake is going to take his stuff. If ever Blake crawls into the same room as Josh, Josh immediately starts to whine and say, “Mom!  Blake wants to take my toys.”  Which he usually doesn’t.  This has resulted in Josh frequently locking Blake out of the toy room so he can have some peace and quiet. 

Although, sometimes they have their moments where Josh will decide it’s a-ok to have a brother and then they will laugh and giggle together.  But it usually doesn’t last long…. Good thing they’re so cute!

brothers 2

3 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. They are so adorablem- I love those shirts! That is funny Josh has those feelings. You'll have to convince him Blake is his “bestfriend” – it worked for mine.


  2. Ah, yes. The lockout. We know it well here. Mine have yet to figure out that they are BFFs. Lucy is still just the baby. Please tell me that one day they will play together, please!

    Love those shirts too…almost makes me want to produce a boy soon (key word is ALMOST).


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