Seaward Mini Park Slide and our Snowball

We had the most intense walk of our entire time in SF, and that’s saying something!  Our destination?  The Seaward Mini Park to go down a crazy cement slide. And it is a very mini park.  The slides are the only thing in it.  It’s only a mile from our house but it was STRAIGHT uphill the entire time.  It took like 45 min to go one mile. The kids were troopers.  We took lots of breaks and finally made it.  Rusty met us there after he had been working for the morning.
2016-07-27 13.57.112016-07-27 14.04.24

Then Blake and Rusty really needed haircuts.  Rusty just googled a place nearby in the Castro and when he got there, they had quite the experience.  First, it wasn’t really a barbershop, it was someone’s front room.  Second, the barber was telling him about his health problems and said that he didn’t see very well any more.  Not exactly comforting words coming from someone who was about to cut your hair.  But Blake LOVED it.  Rusty made him go first just to be on the safe side.  The barber kept oohing and ahhing over Blakes blonde poofy hair.  He called him a little snowball, a nickname which we have all eagerly adopted.  He gave Blake and Orange San Pellegrino and that sealed the deal.  It was officially the best haircut of Blake’s life.  After Rusty’s hair was also cut the barber gave Blake 2 more drinks to take home.  You’d think he’d won the lottery.  He came home so excited and so proud of his snowball hair.  Nothing is mundane around here.  Not even a haircut.  And if you think you spy pet food on the hair station you would be correct.  🙂
2016-07-27 15.28.34-12016-07-27 15.28.39 HDR

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