Halle the Triathlete!

Ever since my triathlon last summer, Halle has said that she wants to do one too.  She’s been talking about it all year, and as I was training this summer, sometimes she’d come on a little bike ride with me or a run around the block.  Our awesome town puts on “The Mighty Kids Triathlon” every summer and we knew this would be the perfect race for Halle.  There are transitions, and the kids get timing chips and everything.  So official! 

It all started with a 25 meter swim.  She did it in 55 seconds flat
Then on to T1. 4:15. We’ll work on transitions for next year 🙂
DSC_0420 DSC_0423
She biked a mile in 6:23.  Yes, I realize her bike is a little small.  I’m working on it 🙂
DSC_0424 DSC_0429

She had a speedy T2 and then a great 1/2 mile run—4:58.  She ran the entire way! 
DSC_0434 DSC_0439 DSC_0441

Final time: 17:09. On the way home from the race she said, “Mom, I can’t stop smiling! I can’t believe I did it!”  It was a proud moment for this Mamma.  Way to go Halle girl!

One thought on “Halle the Triathlete!

  1. Go miss Halle!! I am so proud! She did a great job. What a trooper. Was she exhausted the rest of the day? I love that she is not even 8 yet and has already accomplished doing a triathalon! You go girl!


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