Rusty and I are running the NYC Marathon in Nov.  We are running as part of the James Blake Foundation Charity team. The James Blake Foundations supports early detection cancer research.  We selected this charity a few weeks after Jim was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  And with his death, the importance of this cause is cemented in our hearts.  We would do anything to spare another family the pain and grief that a late stage cancer diagnosis brings.  Our commitment is for $3,000.

As part of my fundraising I decided to run some fitness camps for kids.  It seemed like a good way to keep my own kids active, and I really enjoy teaching!  I named them KidFit and off we went!  I offered 3 different sessions.  One in the beginning of June and two at the end of June.  Each class was 1 hour long for 3 days.  We had a specific focus for each of the 3 different days.  Cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Day 1 was cardio.  We played lots of fun relay games, learned to take our heart rate, and filled out a Fitness Pyramid.  We had a snack each day.  Today was a delicious smoothie.
2016-06-28 09.05.152016-06-28 08.19.54
Today’s Mantra:
Stronger than I think

Day 2 was Strength.  We learned how to get a full body workout out at the park.  We learned the names of all the major muscles in the body and then did partner strength training exercises. This day was probably my favorite.  It was so cute seeing them do triceps dips on the benches, planks exercises on the swings, and try to master the monkey bars.

2016-06-29 08.15.092016-06-29 08.13.45

Today’s Mantra:

Be yourself

Day 3 was Flexibility.  We focused on the mind body connection and practiced yoga.  Then we worked on goal setting.  We ended with Yoga Stories.  There were 4-5 teams and each team picked 5 yoga poses.  Then they had to make up a story using all their poses and perform it for the rest of the group.  It was so cute!  Today’s treat were Goldfish medals and watermelon.
Today’s Mantra:
dream written down with a date

This was my cute 3rd session group:
2016-06-30 09.58.23

2nd session:
2016-06-30 08.50.58

1st session:
KidFit classes for Marathon fundraiser session 1

I earned about $900 toward my fundraiser and had an absolute blast teaching and exercising with these fun kiddos.

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