Post Christmas fun

The kids had a blast making pom pom animals.  I bet all in all we made about 50 fun and inventive creatures. 
Always a favorite: Seldding behind the tractor
2014-12-26 15.15.45
2014-12-26 15.34.48
Taking Alan and Sharon to dinner in SLC for their Christmas present.  We found this adorable, small, mostly quiet Italian restaurant called Cannellas.  It’s always so nice to share some adult time.
2014-12-26 20.29.48
Annual Miller Family party.  Lindsey planned some awesome “Minute to Win it” games and they were a HIT.  Fun times had by all.
2014-12-27 20.40.57
Breakfast at Kneaders with the best friends a girl could ever hope for.
Freezing our Tushies off at Temple Square.  I think wind chill was –9 degrees.  Yikes!  We didn’t last long, but it was pretty cool having the place to ourselves.  Leo told us his chin was frozen!  temple square Collage

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