Tongue Tied??

We have been having a hard time coming up with a name for this baby! Our front runner at the moment is Blake. But then I was at dinner with some friends last night, and Kari kept getting tongue tied when she tried to say “Blake Banks.” So everyone take a moment and say it with me, “Blake Banks.” And now go answer my anonymous poll as to whether you think this name is a tongue twister. He will, of course, have a middle name, but obviously most people won’t call him by all three names. AND–if you have any other suggestions for cute boy names, please post them here! Oh yea–I know if you say it 10 times fast it’s for sure a twister, but we’re just looking for saying it once (which would be the most common, right?)

8 thoughts on “Tongue Tied??

  1. Tara,

    So last week when I was at your house and you told me you wanted to name the baby boy Blake……I loved it. When I got home and told Brian, I couldn’t say it. I kept messing it up. When I said it today, I didn’t have a problem. I love it and think it would be fine. Good Luck, I’m curious to see what others say.


  2. Well, I can’t say much…Sabrina Sampson and Lucy Sampson (a few too many s sounds). I think Blake is fine and I like it! I don’t have ANY boy names currently, so I’m no help. Good luck!


  3. This happened to us when we wanted to name a girl Ava. But, Ava Davis was too much, so after being mad at John for a few hours for having such a stupid last name, we moved on. Good luck!


  4. I think it is a cute name but it is kind of a tongue twister….I wish I had boy names to give but seeing that the only two we have come up with are Hayden and Parker I’m no help…good luck with whatever you choose


  5. I love the name Blake. My sister used that name and some of my cousins have too. I do get a little bit tied, but I think you could get past it. Good luck! One boy name I love is Jace, but brad isn’t the biggest fan.


  6. That is kind of hard to say huh. I like the name Blake though. I love the name Lucas so there’s one for you. Boy names are so tricky to come up with. If you really like Blake, maybe just go for it. I mean, people really only say the first name most of the time anyway. I think the name Kimbal is cute too so there’s another one. Jack is popular right now. It’s a good strong boy name and I think it’s really cute with Banks. No one would be able to argue with someone named Jack Banks. Anyway, good luck!


  7. So we definitely need to get together, but I wanted to share our rule for baby names. First, it must look good on a resume or a name plate in an office. Cole Davis was our real success on that one Second…it must sound good when introduced over the loud speaker at a basketball game (in your case a tennis match). So the names that were in the running for Grant and Cole were Carter and Conner, Hunter and Luke…so I’ll just throw those out there! I really Love the name Luke…it would fit really well with Josh!


  8. Yep, it’s definitely a tongue tie, sorry!
    Some names I Like in no particular order
    Okay that’s all I can think of


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