Summer recap

It’s pretty much already been the best summer ever.  But, after we got home from London and Yellowstone, we still had some living to do!

First up–Colorado Sunsets.  I dare you to find anything prettier in the whole wide world.

2018-07-19 20.45.37-1Best friends, best band in the best venue. Imagine Dragons at Red Rocks was, in Josh’s words, “incredible.” It was the kids’ first concert and they loved every minute. Except possibly the minute where the extremely drunk and angry lady behind me told me she was going to bite my nose off.

2018-07-16 17.38.262018-07-16 19.54.58This is what happens when you drink 28 Diet Coke samples.  You get a tummy ache and need a nap.  In the middle of a Rock Concert. 2018-07-16 21.50.54

Blake’s sunflower that he grew from a tiny seed.  2018-08-14 17.18.49

Saying goodbye to our dear Fryer Friends.  I hate when people move!  But, we wish them all the best in Fresno.  2018-08-09 20.24.402018-08-09 20.07.03
Online school shopping.  I chose the school and the grade and it auto populated my cart with all the things we’d need.  BEST THING EVER.  2018-08-08 09.02.43
Boating with the Bohns!  They got a new boat and we got to try wake surfing.  It was SO FUN.  I fell flat on my face more times than I can count but I already can’t wait to do it again.  And Josh got up on water skis!  2018-08-07 16.36.13

Pirates Cove with the Birds.  Always so good to spend the day with these fun friends.  We’ve been coming here since the kids were little!
2018-08-01 16.14.51Hanging out with Brett and Kami and watching her race the 70.3 Boulder Ironman.  We love this!  This year the kids got to go back and swim at the hotel after the race.  Halle and I were in Utah, so we didn’t get to join the fun this year.  IMG_4214

High Adventure in Buena Vista.  3 days after we got home from London Rusty turned around and went camping with the YM.  They hiked 3 14ers, went river rafting and to the hot springs.  IMG_3835Monopoly ALL day EVERY day.IMG_4418HAPPY MIDDLE CHILD DAY JOSH!  Blake and I bought him his favorite cereal, favorite lemonade and an awesome squishy toy.  We sure love our awesome Middle Boy!IMG_4358Father and Son campout with Max, Josh and Blake.  There was a fire ban, which made the whole thing not quite as fun.  IMG_434816 year of marriage.  We’ve survived.  We spent the day hiking in Boulder and then we went to lunch at Picas followed by massages.  AND we saw a Black Bear on our hike!  IMG_4398Rusty says this is my ticket into heaven. I just got called as the Stake YW president and I couldn’t be more excited about it. img_6353.jpg

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