A smattering of summer fun

Summer has been keeping us busy!  Lots of fun to be had. Here’s a few of our goings on:
Blake is playing Coach Pitch.  Here he is being the catcher on a beautiful summer night:
2015-06-18 19.50.23 HDR
Halle played in her first tennis match!  It was a rough one, her opponent had a lot more experience.  She had fun anyway and we are looking forward to more fun on the courts.
2015-06-19 08.24.31

Krispie Kreme’s for good grades with the Rowberry Fam.
2015-05-29 13.13.36
We said goodbye to our dear friends the McBride’s as they are off to a new adventure in Portland.  Blake feels like he lost a brother now that Truman is gone.
2015-06-08 20.25.392015-06-08 20.24.46
Halle got braces!  She is not to thrilled and keeps saying, “I have dreams every night where I wake up and the braces are gone.”
2015-06-03 10.25.53
The boys loved squirting each other to death on the bumper boats at Boondocks.
2015-06-10 14.26.07
Dad and the kids walked to the new gas station near us for their traditional Friday treat.
2015-06-12 18.57.19
We’ve been sleeping in.  A lot. 
2015-06-13 07.19.11 2015-06-13 07.19.15 2015-06-13 07.20.25
We hosted a fun game of Kickball in the rain for FHE.
2015-06-15 19.18.43
Finally we are old enough for the bike park!  The boys had a blast planning routes and challenges across the course.
2015-06-16 09.58.39 2015-06-16 10.09.29    
Taking Halle to see Wicked was absolutely magical.  It was so much more fun with her there with us. 2015-06-03 21.15.24
The kids love to go to Rusty’s office.  Lunch on the roof was a highlight of their week. 2015-06-04 12.25.07
We are selling Lemonade at our local Farmers markets a few times this summer. Our first time out we made $111!  Thanks jacksstands.com for the opportunity!
2015-06-20 09.58.11
We made our annual trip to the Boulder Reservoir. It’s always fun to pretend we are at the beach for a few hours.
2015-06-20 16.38.49
We had a super fun day in Ft. Collins celebrating Ezra’s birthday.  First up, jumping at Fly High Trampoline Park, then a quick check on the progress of the temple ,followed by swimming.  We toped off the day at the Drive In movie seeing Inside Out. 
2015-06-22 14.36.22 2015-06-22 20.02.04 2015-06-22 20.49.08

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