Brunch and Golden Gate Park

Saturday means long run day.  11.5 miles this week.  The best part of long run day is ending at the Ferry Building Farmers Market.  It is a mecca of delicious produce.  The Pluots (Plum+Apricot) are to die for.  We always get a bag to bring home with us.

After a quick shower we headed to brunch at Mission Beach Cafe.  I knew there would be a long line, but just how long I knew not 🙂  We waited for almost 2 hours!  After our name was on the list we strolled around the neighborhood a little bit showing Nat and Car Mission Dolores and we stumbled on this awesome little store that made and sold random action figures, like He-Man, Breaking Bad, and Star Trek.  We also came across Creativity Explored.  It is a studio that provides developmentally disabled people the chance to create, exhibit and sell art.  It was really neat to see!

FINALLY it was our turn to eat.  And it was worth the wait!  The food was perfect.  I had an absolutely perfect huevos rancheros  and a homemade English muffin and a fresh squeezed oj. (Rusty didn’t really like mine).  He had a fresh veggie scramble that had peas and corn and other seasonal, local veggies.  The kids all had french toast. The french toast was pillowy, sugary bites of heaven.  SO DELICIOUS.  Nat and Car split a breakfast sandwich and a french toast.

2016-07-30 13.22.542016-07-30 13.42.31-1

After we had stuffed ourselves to the max we headed on the Muni Metro to Golden Gate Park.
2016-07-30 17.48.55

Nat, Car, Mave and I hit up the Japanese Tea Gardens while Rusty took the kids to a playground.  The Tea Gardens were really pretty and interesting, but super small.  It was an $8 admission and we were done in about 15 min.  And the walkways were really bumpy and woke Miss Mae Mae up from her nap which she was not to happy about.

We then walked to the De Junge Building and took the elevator up to the observation deck. I’m really glad we did this!  The floor to ceiling glass 360 degree views of the city were really beautiful.
2016-07-30 15.54.182016-07-30 15.55.532016-07-30 15.57.54 HDR

We were right next to the Academy of Science and Josh was finally able to purchase his stuffed Albino Alligator.  He was having a really hard time deciding weather to name him Claude (his real name) or Claw (the name he prefered).  So, he decided to compromise.  His name is Claude, but we all call him Claw. LOL!

We wanted to show Nat and Carlie the fun concrete slides so we walked over to Koret Children’s playground to give them a whirl.  We also inhaled all our Pluots from the Farmer’s Market.  We just love having our cute little Mave here with us.  She is a dream baby.  The only problem is Halle rarely shares so I have to snag every opportunity I get to snuggle this sweet girl.
2016-07-30 17.27.292016-07-30 17.26.342016-07-30 17.26.09-12016-07-30 17.23.38

On our bus ride home we got off a few stops early and hit up Dandelion Chocolate.  Oh wow.  The amount of awesomeness here just can’t be described.  Giant chocolate chip cookies made with single source bean-to-bar chocolate made in house in small batches.  Homemade s’mores, and everyone’s favorite: the Dulce de Leche bar.  Heaven.

Rusty and Blake we craving burritos so they scootered to La Taqueria. Turns out the real reason Blake wanted to go there was because he had 3 quarters burning a hole in his pocket and he wanted to buy junky toys from the quarter vending machines near by.  Halle and Josh wanted pizza so we got them slices at Escape from New York.  And Carlie, Nat and I tried Masala dosas from the aptly named restaurant, Dosa.
2016-07-30 19.00.45

Pretty great day in the City by the Bay!


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