100 Mile Club

I am so very proud of Halle, Josh and Blake for setting and achieving their 100 mile goal this year.  Black Rock got a grant to host 100 mile club every morning before school.  We chose to go 2 days/week.  We’d get up a little earlier than normal and be to school at 8am ready to run.  The kids would run laps and on Friday I would help stamp arms which is how mileage was calculated.  On bad weather days they’d walk the halls of the school.  But, if the weather was about 25 degrees they usually went outside.  I loved this because it was an opportunity for my kids to develop some grit and do hard things. 

Josh reached his 100 miles first and was so proud of himself.  Josh loves a challenge.  So some weeks I’d challenge him to run a certain number of laps without walking.  Other weeks I’d challenge him to beat his best overall distance.  And he always rose to the occasion.  His best running day was 18 laps, which is roughly 3.7 miles.  When the kids reach their 100 miles all their peers line up in a huge tunnel and chant, “Josh, Josh, Josh” as he comes running through.  Such a special moment. 

2015-04-03 08.28.09-1 2015-04-03 08.28.28

Blake’s goal was 50 miles.  And he made it!  He was probably the grumpiest runner in the club and some days it took everything I had just to coax him to run 2 or 3 laps.  But for a few months he had a 3rd grade buddy named Owen.  Owen would encourage Blake, run with him, and just make him feel special that a bigger kid was taking notice of him.  He ran so much better when Owen was with him.  He ended with a record of 11 laps or roughly 2.2 miles.  Not bad for a Kindergartener!

2015-03-27 09.00.12

Halle reached her 100 mile goal while Grandma was visiting.  It was so much fun for her to have Grandma there to watch her and cheer for her.  This 100 miles did not come easy to her and I stand in awe of her good attitude and the way she continually tried to improve.  She ended with a personal best of 17 laps, or about 3.5 miles. 

2015-04-27 08.04.55

We just had a school wide celebration were the students who reached 100 or more miles received a gold metal and everyone who participated in 100 mile club got to stand up and receive a certificate.  I am amazed at what these kids accomplished this year.  Kindergarten ran over 1000 miles.  Second grade ran 4329 miles, and 5th grade ran 3936 miles.  The school ran a grand total of 21,304 miles.  What a huge accomplishment!

2015-05-06 13.20.23 2015-05-06 14.11.06 2015-05-06 19.57.31

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