New additions to the family

When I came home from my weekend in Denver, I was informed that we now had 2 more family members.  Meet our pets, the Hermit crabs. 

Lucky and HermieI tried to take a picture of them out of their shells, but in true hermit fashion, whenever I come near them they dart into their shells. One of the things Rusty and the kids like to do together is go to the pet store.  Me?  I do not like that stinky place.  While I was away for the weekend they visited the pet store.  I don’t know all the details, but it ended with us being the proud owners of hermit crabs.  And I have to admit.  If there is a pet in the world I am willing to take care if, it’s probably hermit crabs.  Halle is beside herself with joy, as the crabs get to live in her room.  All we talk about these days is these two little creatures.  How long they slept, how much of their water they drank, how Hermie always bangs against the side of his cage at night.  I never knew their could be so much to talk about with animals that hardly ever poke their eyes out of their shells.  I am so glad she is so happy.  Now maybe she’ll stop asking for a cat 🙂

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