Adult night out

I love adult night out when we have visitors. It’s a chance to leave the kiddos behind and relax and actually get to catch up and talk.  We didn’t want to overwhelm Rachel with 5 kids, so she brought along a friend.  One NYC babysitter is expensive—two NYC babysitters about break the bank 🙂

We went to dinner at Joe Allen’s—just ok, except for the chocolate explosion dessert, which was delicious, and then on to Zarkana, the Cirque de Soleil show at Radio City Music Hall—AMAZING. Radio City Music Hall is exquisite—by far the most beautiful theater we’ve been to in NYC.  And Cirque de Soleil always does a fantastic job.  Our only complaint was that the show didn’t last long enough.  We wanted more!  After the show we went up to Rusty’s office on the 33rd floor of 1290 Avenue of the Americas and took in the view.  His office is right across from the Rockefeller Center and also looks down on Radio City.  He told us how he daydreams that he’s Spiderman swinging on his web from rooftop to rooftop 😉  Natalie doesn’t like heights and so she wouldn’t stand up and look out his window. 

We ended the night walking to Columbus Circle and just fully enjoying our night in the city. 

The babysitter had given us a full report of the kids bedtime shenanigans and so in the morning Michael said to Jack, “Jack, did you scream at the babysitter and make her give you Teddy Graham’s in bed?” Jack’s reply, “HECK YES I DID.”  It was very very hard to keep a straight face through that.  Love that kid. 

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