Happy Birthday to me!

So I feel a little wierd writing a bday post about my own birthday, but oh well. We were in Utah and I had the perfect day. Rusty and the kids took me to lunch at my favorite place, Costa Vida. And seriously–drinks were spilled 4 separate times. The people at tables around us were laughing so hard. But I’m still glad we went. Then I got to go to a playgroup with my friends. Lindsay made yummy cupcakes (Thanks!) and we got to catch up and meet many new babies. It wasn’t long enough! Later that night Rusty ordered some pizzas and the Banks and Cornell families came to eat and play nerfis. Josh was so concerned that there weren’t party hats, and luckily Sharon had a stash of Mater hats from previous parties. Josh took the stack and handed one to everyone as they came in. He was very adament that no one could eat cake unless they were wearing a party hat. It was cute. So thanks to everyone for making my birthday so much fun!

From Left to Right: Cadence, Blake, Sammy, and Lucy. I think for having 4 babies, the pic turned out pretty cute!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Happy Birthday TARA!! So fun that you got to go to Utah to celebrate!! It looks like it was a blast! And you look great by the way! And all the babies are of course cute!

  2. Tara looks like you had a great birthday…I can't think of anything I would like better than friends, Utah, Costa Vida and Nerfis! We sure miss you guys…hope your little family is doing great.

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