Animal Kingdom

Our first full day in Florida was spent at the Animal Kingdom.  Kilimanjaro Safari was so much fun for my animal loving kids.  We saw tons of elephants, giraffes, crocs, hippos, all sorts of deer and other horned creatures, and even a lion or two. 

acting like animals

We had a late breakfast at Tuskar House, and that was a bad idea.  We had fed the kids a light breakfast in the morning, but they were STARVING.  Which makes them ornery. We had to wait forever to get a table (even though we had a reservation), but the yummy food, and getting to meet all the characters made up for it.  It was such a fun environment and got our kids excited about all the other characters they were going to get to meet.  Rusty said it wasn’t bad at all, because they seated us just before breakfast ended, meaning we got to enjoy both the breakfast AND the lunch buffet! 
Tuskar House

After breakfast we went to the Festival of the Lion King, which is always so much fun.  Then it was on to Expedition Everest.  The kids were looking forward to this ride with both anticipation and dread.  We had watched it on a YouTube video, and they’d been talking about it ever since.  Blake was too little, so I sat with him while Rusty took Halle and Josh.  It was their first roller coaster, and I think they liked it until the part where you go backwards.  When they were done Halle decided once was enough for her.  Josh was brave and came and rode it with me, even though he said he didn’t like all the fast parts and all the drop parts (aka the whole ride).

Blake was sad to miss out, and so when it came time to ride Dinosaur, he begged to go.  He promised it wouldn’t scare him.  He’s about a millimeter under the height requirement, but with a double pair of socks, he’s good to go 🙂  Promises aside, he was terrified.  And I don’t blame him 🙂

The park closes early, so we ended a day with a swim in the Big Blue Pool. They play music underwater, and the kids thought that was amazing. 

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