I hate Nemo

Storm Nemo that is.  I was set to hit NYC with a few of my best girlfriends when Nemo decided to hit the east coast.  Of all the rotten luck.  All flights where cancelled and we were stuck in CO.  We all had arranged care for our kids, so we decided to head to Denver for the weekend.  But, we were so disappointed that Amy couldn’t join us from Iowa. 

The weekend was blissful—massages, great food, Les Mis, more great food, shopping.  Did I mention great food? 😉  All the good food got to Kari and she ended up with some tummy trouble that sent her home on Sunday morning.  Amber and I had brunch at our hotel, and it was the most amazing brunch I’ve ever had.  Crab legs, sushi, prime rib, veggies galore, omelets, Belgian waffles with strawberries, breakfast potatoes, fruit.  You name it, they had it.  Plus an entire table filled with delectable desserts.  We practically had to be rolled out of the hotel.  We spent the rest of the day burning calories walking all over the enormous outlet mall in Castle Rock.  It wasn’t New York, but it was a pretty fun weekend all the same. 

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