Here’s the Scoop…

blake Dear Blake,

You just turned 2!  We had an ice cream themed birthday this year, and it was a lot of fun.  The festivities started early on the morning of the 26th with presents.  You LOVED unwrapping your presents this year.  You got lots of new clothes from the Cornell’s, golf clubs from the Banks, and bubbles and a tennis racket from mommy and daddy.  Not surprisingly, the golf clubs were your favorite, followed closely by the tennis racket.  You love to “whack” balls and are actually a pretty talented little athlete!  You loved blowing out your candles on your birthday brownie, and then you ate all the frosting off the top.  The next day we had your combined birthday party with Zach and Bridger.  You are the three cutest two year olds I know!  I made you cute little matching shirts, and we had a fun BBQ at the Wilsted’s with an ice cream bar for dessert. All the kids piled the toppings high!

Blake, you are such a sweet, happy little boy.  You always have a twinkle in your eye and and mischievous smile on your face.  You love anything that has to do with a ball, and you can already hit tennis balls out of the air.  You also are quite fascinated with the iphone.  It is a surefire way to calm you down and to keep you still for a few minutes.  Your favorite foods are smarties, cheetos, and cookies.  Yes, you are a very healthy eater ;).  Something funny about you is that you ALWAYS take off your left sock and your left shoe whenever we get in the car.  Your favorite toy is your Bullseye doll, and your monkey pillow pet.  You love to read books, and some of my favorite times are snuggled up in the rocking chair reading books before bed.  You also love to chase the bunnies out in the backyard.  Outside is your favorite place to be.  You love the movie “Cars” and you call Lightening MQueen “ka-chow.” (And yes, that is the correct spelling according to the Urban Dictonary).  Blake, continue to be the fun, bubbly, special little guy that you are and I know you will accomplish amazing things—even as a toddler!

I love you baby boy!  Happy 2nd birthday!
Love, Mommy


Blake's birthday candle collage  smarties and iphone--his two favorite things(He’s holding his two favorite things—smarties, and the iphone. It was the only way I could get him to smile.) zach, blake, bridger at their bday bbq(The Birthday Boys!  Zach, Blake and Bridger.  These cuties were all born within a week of each other!)


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