The Ultimate Runner’s high

If you are ever in Colorado around Memorial Day, you MUST run the BolderBoulder 10k.  It is by far my favorite race of the season!  Why, you might ask?  Well, let me tell you.  50,000 runner make for some SERIOUS endorphins flowing through the streets of Boulder.  There are crazy people all dressed up, there are frat houses cooking up bacon and serving it to runners on toothpicks, there are slip’n’slides and people with hoses and water guns, you finish in Folsom stadium and it’s projected up on the big screen,  and it’s on Memorial Day so there is a spectacular show to honor our military.  What’s not to love? This year the race was even more special b/c I got to run in honor of Brett, my brother-in-law, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan.

(It’s kinda hard to see my bib, but it says, “Im running in honor of Lt. Brett Banks, Flight Surgeon)

It is a tough course, but thanks to all my great training with the Redline Running Club, I still set a PR (47:42). I was very chaffed, and very very exhausted, but I did it.  There are so many runners that the age group breakdowns are just year to year.  So, of the 743 twenty-nine year olds, I came in 21st. Overall place 2760 out of 54,554.  Not too shabby! Here’s the course map just so you can feel some of my pain:  ElevationProfile

This is me and my running pal Jen.  She is AMAZING and always inspires me to do my best and to try new and difficult things:

IMG_0278 Picture 125(Redline Running Club gals and our coach, Josh)

Picture 126(Folsom Stadium before the race started)
(Picture from here)

Here’s the entire race in 30 seconds. Kinda cool

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