Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

Top 5 reasons I love being a Mom:

1. Never in my life have I been greeted with such enthusiasm as when my kiddos pounce on me in my bed in the morning.
2. I have to opportunity to develop talents that I never knew I had or needed, like scrubbing vomit out of carpet, or sprinting across grocery stores to catch glass bottles before they shatter on the floor.
3. Unexpected notes, hugs, and kisses. Or my favorite, Blake’s “I Love Lou!”

4.Watching my kids grow, learn, and achieve their goals. There is nothing better than the joy on a little face when they do something they thought they couldn’t.
5. Instant forgiveness. I mess up all the time, but my sweet kids are quick to forgive and never hold a grudge. I love that about them, and want to be more like them!

Thanks kiddos for making me a Mommy! I love you!

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