Redline Running Club

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to join the Redline Running Club.  Our good friends, Josh and Kristin, have recently joined the ranks of full time entrepreneurship, and are expanding their running company to include not only fabulous race directing, but race training, and race gear (coming soon!).  It has been so much for to run with this club.  At the moment, much to Josh’s chagrin, we are almost exclusively women.  (Personally, I think the guys just can’t keep up with us!)  We meet twice a week—Tuesdays at 5:30am (no, unfortunately that is not a typo) and Saturday mornings at 6am. I have learned so much from our coaches, Kim, Josh, and Doug, and I have a BLAST running with my friends, both new and old.  I am so inspired by these women.  Who else could make me run 11 miles in the freezing rain this morning?  Only my running club gals.  I’ve already improved so much, and I am so excited for this summer’s racing season!  GOOOOO Redline!

Redline Running Club after a great race

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