Nene and Charles meet again

This is a poem written by my cousin Jeremiah. I just love it! (My Grandma’s nickname was Nene because one of the grandkids couldn’t say Geneve when they were little)

If you could visit Heaven, I would have to imagine a scene unlike most.

As I cast my gaze upon our Father’s land, I picture a cobblestone road lined with thousands.
Trumpets blowing so loud, it shakes the heavens and a gate that is wide open for a soul that has been gone for too long.
For heaven, like earth, was not the same without Nene.

She lived her life with purpose and love, not only for every single person she met, but also for her Heavenly Father.
The heavens have welcomed her home.
As she passed through the gates to the Kingdom, she always knew there would be thousands to welcome her back.
As she passes her eyes are on each, but she is focused on one.

She was expecting him to be the first one there, but she knows this man all too well.
His quiet reverence keeps him in the back of the crowd, watching intently,
knowing that his angel has now come home.
She knows he is there, but where??

As she looks at the horizon, she sees an outline of a man she knows all too well!
He is standing underneath an apple tree that bears his signature.
For this moment has been dreamed about and lived nightly for so many years that she realizes what to do next.
She approaches the man leaning on the tree, trembling inside, trying not to erupt.

She sees him as he once was.
Strong, broad shouldered, a larger than life young man.
Words are not spoken, there is nothing that can be said, that can explain this feeling.

They embrace, and the heavens and earth shake, the trumpets sound,
for today they meet again.

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