Happy Birthday America!

We had quite the eventful 4th of July.  Brian, Sara and the kiddos came down to join us for our 3rd annual 4th of July get together.  We had a quick and yummy dinner, then headed to the golf course to let the kids play on all the bouncy castles, slides, etc.  On our way there we dropped off our blankets, cookies, sparklers, and an extra stroller in the spot where we were going to watch the fireworks.  Well….when we came back, everything was GONE.  We asked the people close by if they had seen anything, but they said there was nothing there when they arrived.  We searched all around hoping that some silly teenagers had hidden it, or strewn it around.  No luck.  The kids were so sad not to have their sparklers that it about broke our hearts.  We stayed to watch the fireworks and just sat on the grass, and all the kids were shivering without their blankets.  But, it was a great opportunity to talk about choices, and how our choices can effect others. We also talked about attitude.  We could choose to be sad and not enjoy the fireworks, or we could choose to move on and make the best of the situation.  The kids put on their brave faces despite their disappointment and we enjoyed the fireworks.  (for the most part) Khloee and Blake did great—neither of them cried at all.  Thanks Loveridges for making the drive and sharing in a memorable 4th!  (and sorry again about your stroller and blankets)

I stole these pics from Sara’s blog.  She bought the boys those fun hats, and made the girls some adorable flip flops.  Halle wears hers EVERYWHERE. 

 independence day 2010 copy


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!

  1. I can't believe someone stole your stuff – that is so L.A.M.E. I hope they burned themselves with your sparklers. Just kidding. Not really. Yes, I am. No, I'm not. Um…


  2. It's amazing that people will go to he$%l over the smallest things like blankets and a stroller. If I was going to steal it would be something more valuable. Go big or go home! Glad you made the best of it anyway.


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