July 3rd, and Hurricane Arthur

With Hurricane Arthur looming, Boston made the decision to hold the Boston Pops Firework Spectacular on the 3rd.  We had all been waiting for this day and could not wait to celebrate our country in Boston, “the cradle of liberty.”  We, and about a half million other people, went to the Banks of the Charles River to enjoy the show put on at the Hatch Shell.  There are big speakers set up all up and down the river, so even though we were nowhere near Hatch, we were still able to hear the show.  The Boston Pops were awesome, and the Beach Boys were a special guest.  So fun.  The fireworks portion was scheduled to begin at 10:30pm, but about 10:00 an announcement came that the storm was on its way so the fireworks began right away.  It was so beautiful to watch the fireworks over the river with Boston in the background.  The Prudential Center was lit up red, white, and blue, and the energy of the crowd was amazing. 
fireworks Collage

Right after the grand finale another announcement came.  The state police had ordered an evacuation of there area due to the pending storm.  We quickly packed up and began the long walk home, hoping we’d be able to catch a bus along the way.
IMG_4755 - Copy

The wind started blowing, and in the distance the rain started falling in sheets.  It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen.  We watched as the rain got closer and closer, and then BAM, we were in the middle of a total downpour.  Luckily we weren’t too far from a gas station and we ran over there as fast as we could to wait out the rain.  We didn’t know how long it was going to last, so Rusty bravely volunteered to run the mile back to the apartment to get the car to come pick us up.  Our hero!  He ran a super fast mile through the streets that were flowing water and was back to pick us up before we knew it.  While the kids and I waited we tried to get hot chocolate (GROSS) and bought some treats so the gas station attendant wouldn’t kick us out. 


It was a Fireworks experience that we will never forget!!


Josh: We watched Fireworks from the Charles River.  Right when they ended, Storm Andrew hit.  Not sprinkle, jus poured.  Everyone screamed.  We went to a gas station for shelter and a treat!


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