Happy, Healthy Christmas

We had a Christmas Miracle this year—no one got sick on our trip to Utah!  I don’t think that has happened since Halle was born.  Because we were all healthy we had such a fun time!  Who knew Christmas could be so easy?  I usually come home so exhausted from traveling and taking care of sick kids that I can’t function for a week.  We had the usual Christmas Eve festivities at the Banks house—a yummy dinner (crab) and a cute little nativity program.  This year Halle played some Christmas songs on the piano.  She was so excited to play for her family, and she practiced for weeks.  She did a great job!  Opening presents with the cousins was total chaos, but it was so cute.  I know they are going to love looking back on these memories when they are older. 
DSC_0180 DSC_0194 DSC_0198 DSC_0200 DSC_0212 DSC_0214 DSC_0222

Christmas Morning was at the Cornell house.  With Natalie and Carlie both pregnant, we disbanded the tradition of sleeping together in the basement.  Maybe the cousins can resurrect that tradition when they get a little older 🙂

Santa came!  Waiting to go see their presents

Blake got a “puppy house” (He loves to pretend he’s a dog—his name is Butch) and a dragon pillow pet


Halle got doll bunkbed’s from Santa with two tiny zebra pillow pets for her dolls.  Mom and dad got her a new bike!

I’m sad I don’t have a good pic of Josh, but he got an ipod touch from Santa which is just about the greatest present he could ever hope for.  He stared at it in wonder and said, “I can’t believe Santa gave this to me, I’m just a kid!”
His other classic Christmas line came when he opened up his pillow pet.  All the kids already have big pillow pets, and they wanted mini ones this year.  Josh has a dog.  So, he opened up his mini dog and started jumping around and shouting, “My pillow pet has a son!  My pillow pet has a son!”  He cracks us up.  He named the son Miniche.
It was the perfect Christmas! 

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