How to surive 3 kids while your hubby is out of town

3. Early bedtime. I’m glad it’s summertime and they normally go to bed while it is still at least a little light outside. This way they didn’t notice I was putting them to bed at least a 1/2 hour earlier than normal.

2. Keep Busy. We went to playgroups, birthday parties, swimming, Chuck E. Cheese, shopping, etc. You might ask, “Tara, wasn’t it hard to haul all the kids to these places?” My answer would be “infinitely easier than listening to them bicker over toys all day long at home.”

And the #1 way to survive when your hubby is gone is NO COOKING. Seriously not one little bit. I think I blew the grocery budget for the rest of the month, but it was worth it. My house stayed cleaner and I stayed saner.

So if you too follow my 3 tips you can have a fun and enjoyable time with the kiddos even when you have no husband to help.

Rusty was in Chicago from Thurs-Sun attending the annual BlogHer comference. You might ask, “Isn’t this is conference for women?” Yes, yes it is. Rusty was one of about 10 men, most who lived an “alternative” lifestyle. But he used his good looks and charisma to woo mommy bloggers into using the BlogFrog and I think the trip was a success! If you want to read more about his trip check out his BLOG.

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  1. Good tip. I will have to put these in use in a few weeks while Sky is going camping/hiking! Congrats to Hallie losing a tooth! I can't believe she's old enough to lose one!

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