Things I love about Blake

*I love watching him fall asleep. He gets pretty fiesty and starts thrashing around trying to find a position he likes. After much bouncing and shifting and once he finds the perfect spot he nuzzles his little head against you, claiming his territory. And if you dare shift him even one centimeter he lets you know he’s none to happy about it. After the nuzzling comes the eye drooping. The blinks get longer and longer, and his tiny mouth starts twitching. Finally, the eyes close for good, and he always gives one final sigh before drifting off. Naturally, his favorite place to sleep is cuddled up next to a warm body. I don’t blame him–I quite like it too!

*I love his oh so yummy baby breath.

*I love packing him around in his sling. (Most of the time). I have never used a sling before and I am loving it! Blake gets to help me do dishes, play with the kids, work on the computer, and it’s all on his schedule. If he wants to nap, he lays his head on my chest and goes to sleep. If he wants to look around at the world he can. (It also protects him from his siblings!) And it’s really the only way to go grocery shopping with three kids.

*I love changing his diaper. Is this wierd? He has his happiest, cutest moments while getting his diaper changed. I know most kids don’t like a dirty bum, but Blake detests it. If he is stinky for even one minute, he about has a heart attack. But the second he is fresh and clean again he just starts to coo and grin.

*I love giving him baths. Just cause naked baby’s are so cute.

*I love taking an afternoon nap with him. I put Josh down for his nap, get Halle busy coloring or on a computer game, and Blake and I make a mad dash for the bed. He cuddles up in the crook of my arm and we promptly go to sleep to the sound of Rusty clicking away on the computer. Rusty’s computer chair has a very loud squeak, and every time the chair squeaks Blake jumps a mile. Thank heavens for swaddling!

*I love burping him b/c his cheeks bounce up and down every time I pat his back.

8 thoughts on “Things I love about Blake

  1. How precious! I love those pictures and feel the same way about my baby nephew! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually, I feel the same way about all babies! I love them, what can I say?!

    Continue enjoying your wonderful blessing!

  2. Great point. And I knew that, just didnt think of it when doing the post. Thanks for adding that in the comments, hopefully people will read it. I will add that to the post and encourage others to start their own blog frog community!

    Love and Prayers,


  3. Great pictures! And you know whenever you want to pretend you only have one baby (at the grocery store, or otherwise) you can bring the other two to my house! ๐Ÿ™‚

    There have been a couple times lately when I've been out with only Lillian and Meghan and I still get the old “you've got your hands full” from people and I think to myself “WHATEVER!!! This in only HALF! And, I manage just fine, thank you very much!” I think I'm a little sensitive about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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