Family Valentines Day

Rusty and I put a romantic date night on hold so we could spend the day with the kiddos. The festivities actually began a few days earlier with our annual Valentine sugar cookies.  Yum! 

  2015-02-08 18.48.35
Next up, the Daddy Daughter Dance.  Rusty and Halle look forward to this night every year.  They love their special time together and had fun rocking the night away.  Halle said the best part was dancing with her dad.  2015-02-13 18.47.43

Daddy Daughter Activity Day Dance2015-02-13 19.13.46

Valentine’s Day fell on a sunny Saturday this year, so after Josh’s basketball game we decided to take advantage of the weather and ride our bikes down to the new ice cream place in town, Sweets.  We made a deal with Blake.  If he rode his scooter on the way there, we’d pull him in the trailer on the way home.  Guess we wore him right out!

 2015-02-14 13.39.32

  2015-02-14 15.05.20 HDR 2015-02-14 15.05.28

Sweets had a cute little photo booth set up and we had a great time picking out our silly costumes. It took quite a bit of convincing to get Halle to participate with us 🙂

 2015-02-14 16.27.152015-02-14 16.26.53 
Next on the docket was our favorite Valentine Tradition: Cupid’s Crazy Cafe.  The kids go crazy for this mixed up, funny dinner. I love decorating, and planning fun little details that make the night special. On the menu this year was Pizza, chips, cherry 7up, cupids arrow fruit kabobs and pazookies with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Josh was thrilled when he ended up with both the Pazookie and ice cream for his appetizer.  The only problem…he didn’t get a spoon until dessert. 

2015-02-14 18.35.42 2015-02-14 18.24.34

2015-02-14 18.38.22

My absolute favorite part of the day was reading the sweet Valentines that our kids wrote for us.  They just make my heart melt with their sincere, and often funny insights into our daily life.  They seem to capture it all pretty perfectly.  These are the treasures I’ll hold dear for years to come.  I’d say this might be my favorite Valentine’s day ever.

  2015-02-16 06.38.43 2015-02-16 06.38.53

To Mom. From Josh. I love when you hug me goodbye. I love when you snuggle me in bed. I love you when you make me dinner.  It is so yummy. I love you when we watch movies together and snuggle. I love you when you buy such good food at the store. I love you when you tickle/eat me. I love you any way you are. I love you because you’re you!

2015-02-16 20.31.23

2015-02-16 20.31.41

To Dad. From Josh. I love you when you hug me goodbye. I love you because you wrestle with me. I love you let me come in your office and play. I love you because you let me ride in the front of your truck.  I love you when you chase me. I love you because you drive me to basketball. I love you any way you are. I love you because you’re you!

2015-02-16 20.31.55

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