Labor Day Camping

We have been talking about camping together as a family for years.  And it’s never happened.  Until now.  Due to the general business of life, the kids were unable to go to Daddy/Daughter or Father/Son this year so we decided to take a little trip down south to Royal Gorge.  We all had a great time, minus the sleeping in a tent part 🙂 The kids loved roasting hot dogs for dinner, and making apple turnovers. 

IMG_1590 IMG_1598

We took a little Family Float trip on the Arkansas river.  Halle and Blake loved every min of it.  I don’t think Blake stopped paddling the whole time.  Halle wished there were bigger rapids.  Josh’s favorite part was when we stopped for a little swim.  There was a giant rock that some other kids were jumping off.  The water was freezing, but he climbed up, and jumped right off that rock.  I think the shock of the water was 10 times as bad as the jump. 
IMG_1682 IMG_1684 IMG_1685

We ended the weekend in CO Springs driving up our 2nd 14er of the summer, Pikes Peak.  It was absolutely breathtaking. The drive was gorgeous, and the view from the top was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was a summery 77 degrees at the bottom when we started, and about 40 degrees at the top.  It even snowed a little bit!

IMG_1605 IMG_1617 IMG_1652 IMG_1660

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