What’s in a name?

As you all know, we just couldn’t be 100% sure this baby’s name was Blake until after he was born. But we didn’t really have many more options that were jumping out at us. Just a week or two ago I was reading in a baby name book and came across the name “Bennett.” I thought that was kinda cute, so we toyed around with that a little, but Blake was still the favorite.
While we were at the hospital we were talking back and forth about names and I jokingly said, “Whatever boy name we hear last on the TV before he is born will be his name.” A shoe commercial comes on and the guy says, “Hi, my name is Blake…” and we burst out laughing. The next commercial was a news segment about VP Biden and Colorado Senator Bennett. Again, another good laugh. A bit later on the news was a story of a little CO town named……Bennett! Now this is getting a little weird! And the final straw was the French Open. We all know how much Rusty loves tennis, and that his middle name is Bjorn, after Bjorn Borg, a #1 player when Rusty was born. When thinking about naming the baby Blake I thought I could kill two birds with one stone because James Blake is the 10th ranked tennis player in the world (not to mention People Magazine’s 2008 Sexiest Bachelor!)And then my kid wouldn’t have to be subjected to ridicule by being named Federer or Nadal. So, we turn the channel to ESPN to catch a bit of the French Open, and I bet you’ll never guess what happened next. Yep that’s right–Announcer voice: “Coming up next, JAMES BLAKE.” That pretty much sealed the deal.
Blake’s middle name is Preston, which is my dad’s middle name as well. Being named after my dad gives little Blake a lot to live up to because my dad is a stand up guy. He is the best dad and the best grandpa. I have so many funny games, songs, and stories from my childhood that originate from my dad, and all ready my kids have some of these same fun memories. Grandpa is the only one who can get Josh to go to sleep when we are in Utah by singing him silly made up songs–and only Grandpa can do it–no one else. We know Blake will love him just as much as we do!

This is a pic of the TV while James Blake was playing his match. Too bad he lost….

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  1. Congrats Tara and Rusty. Baby Blake is a cutie, adn I love the name. I also love the name Bennett but thats one Brandon will never agree to. Hope everyone is adjusting to the new little one and that he's getting lots of loves from his big sis & brother.

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