Easter Festivities

Easter weekend was just one fun thing after another! On Friday Sara and the kids came over and we made and decorated Easter Sugar Cookies. Bree was the only one who stuck around for the whole process, but they all sure did have fun eating them!

Then on Saturday, a family in our ward, the Clarks, hosted a GIANT Easter Egg hunt. Seriously–it rivaled the Ellison annual hunt. (Without the Golden Egg of course). Each kid got almost 30 eggs! And then we had a very yummy potluck lunch. Both of the kids came home with their baskets stuffed and their mom wondering why in the world she had bothered to buy any Easter candy at all!

Later that day Uncle Cole, Aunt Carlie and Uncle Danny arrived from Utah. Cole is going to be living with us for a little while, and Carlie and Danny drove out with him for a quick one day visit. The kids were in Heaven with all the attention–they miss their Utah family so much. When we dropped Carlie and Danny at the airport on Sunday Halle said, “Make sure you tell Chloe (their dog) hi from me and give her a kiss!” Not Grandma, not Grandpa, but the dog. Typical Halle. While they were here we ate pizza, decorated Easter Eggs, and played games on the Wii and Rusty’s iPhone.

Easter morning was a whirl wind because we have 9am church. We opted to do Easter baskets after church so that we could all enjoy it a little more. In Primary they asked the kids who got Easter baskets that morning, and all the kids were jumping up and down raising their hands. Poor little Halle looked around at everyone else, and not wanting to be left out, tentatively put her hand in the air, and then put it right back down again. But the Easter bunny was more than generous and we still have enough candy to last through the summer!
One more special thing–the Bishop challenged our ward in January to read the Book of Mormon by May. As a family we decided to read The Book of Mormon Stories (you know–the picture book you can get at the distribution center) together. Halle is always so excited to read and learn the stories. Well, on Easter night we finished! It was so neat to teach her about Moroni’s Promise and hear her little prayer. We are so thankful for our Savior and the chance to celebrate his resurrection that we all might live with him someday!

9 thoughts on “Easter Festivities

  1. I love Josh’s hair! Halle is a beautiful porcelain doll! Josh was in the hall today and he is such a little character! He reminds me of my boy and this giant spirit stuck in this tiny body! So much to explore for the little guy who has time to sit and be quiet in church!!


  2. What a crazy weekend! I’m glad we got to be a part of it!!! I love the kids easter outfits! Halle’s dress looks so cute on her….AND I LOVE JOSH’S HAIR!!!!! Can’t wait to see you on Friday! Love ya guys!


  3. I can’t get over Josh’s hair. What a little man! Too cute. What a fun Easter you guys had. And I don’t get tounge tied at all saying Blake Banks- I know I”m too late for the official poll, but thought I’d throw that in. Hope you are feeling well!


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