Disney on Ice!

We got to take the kids to Disney on Ice this weekend. The show was about the Incredible’s trip to Disneyland. Both of the kids had a blast, and were mesmerized the whole time. Halle says her favorite part was when Snow White and Cinderella came out in the Disney Parade. Josh’s favorite part was anything Micky Mouse. In one part Micky is kidnapped, and Josh about had a heart attack!

The other exciting news at our house is that Rusty is taking a 6 week “personal leave of absence” from Ball to see if he can make a go of TheBlogFrog. He’s been talking to a lot of people/enterprenuers/venture capitalist and lots of people are really excited about his ideas. We are really excited to give it a go and just see what happens! His job has been so awesome, we couldn’t ask for a better situation. So, hopefully everything just goes marvelously and he will be a full-time BlogFrog man by May or June. Wish us luck!

11 thoughts on “Disney on Ice!

  1. Disney on Ice sounds so fun! I think Kenzie would love that too. (what kid wouldn’t?) Good Luck with the leave of absence and the BlogFrog! of course I hope it all works for you guys!!


  2. Well. If it isn’t Rusty Banks. It’s it weird how the Blogging World works? We were neighbors once, but I saw your post about wishes for Nie on CJane’s blogfrog community post, and that’s how I found you.Your family is adorable! (Tara, you are a VERY cute pregnant girl – and that’s hard to do!)So how do you guys know Stephanie and Christian (or Courtney)?


  3. I am excited that Rusty is going for blogfrog all the way. I hope it continues to go well. I also love that you saw Disney on Ice. I wish that Brayden and Josh lived closer because Brayden LOVES Mickey Mouse so much.They could have so much fun playing together. Brayden is looking at the picture and say “hi Mickey Mouse” 🙂 Talk to you soon. Loves


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