Vail on the Cheap

When your hubby is launching a new business and you have no money, you have to be creative in your vacationing. Our neighbors, Brian and Erin, got married in Vail, so we decided to have one last summer hurrah and all go up for the weekend. I scoured the internet for good hotel deals and cheap activities. I found us a decent hotel for less than $100/ night, and everything else we did was FREE!

Riding the Gondola at Lionshead after 4pm….Free. Packing a picnic to eat at the top….FREE

Riding the Ponies at Beaver Creek Stables….Free. Mr. T was a great little pony and the kids loved riding around his little corral.

The Main Event….Brian and Erin’s BEAUTIFUL wedding at the Sonnenalp Resort. It was picture perfect! Two of our other neighbors, the Szabos and the DeFalcos, were there as well and it was fun to be able to spend time with them and share this special day with Brian and Erin.

We ended the weekend by going to the Vail Farmer’s Market….FREE. It is the largest Farmer’s Market in CO and had so many interesting things, and so many yummy samples. Then we walked to the famous Pirateship Park and the kids played to their hearts content.

Jumping on the beds in the hotel….FREE(Favorite activity BY FAR)
Whining every step of the way….FREE. If I had a dollar for every whine I heard on this trip, I’d be a millionaire. EVERY SINGLE thing we did, “I’m tired,” “I’m cold,” “I’m hungry,” “When are we going back to the hotel,” “I don’t want to walk anymore,” on and on and on and on. We’d get done with an activity and I’d be about ready to throw myself off one of the beautiful mountains, and they’d turn to me and say, “That was fun! Can we do it again soon?” Seriously?? Fun for whom???????

Minus the whining we had a good time and the scenery can’t be beat!

6 thoughts on “Vail on the Cheap

  1. Its always good when you get a whole weekend of fun for $100 or less! Sounds fun!
    And I am going to admit–for the first and maybe only time–that i wish I could be in Colorado right now and complain about being COLD…maybe just for a day or two it would be nice to be somewhere other than 100+ degrees…

  2. Wish we could have been there. Loved all the pics. Blake still has such fat cheeks. All the whining reminded me of some of our family trips. Somehow that is all forgotten when we look back at the pics and remember the fun. Just tell the kids that whining is not allowed just like screaming is not allowed at grandma and grandpa's house!

  3. Tar, wait to be so creative! I loved it! I love those cute kids. Oh, and happy anniversary on Monday! Love you, and looking forward to seeing you!

  4. That sounds like a great little getaway! Especially all the free parts. If I had a $1 for all the whining I hear around here I could stay at the Ritz in Beaver Creek and leave the “free” part behind. Ahhh those darn kids. Sounds fun though.

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