The passing of our sweet Chippy

Chippy passed away on Aug 2, 2018.  She had been sick for a couple of days.  Her eyes got glassy, and her little body got bloated.  We were watching her and planned on take her to the vet soon.  The sweet thing passed away in the night.  We were all heartbroken.  She was our first furry friend and we always say she was the best hamster in the world.  She loved to be held and played with and she was always gentle and nice.  All of us cried, but Halle was especially sad.  She did not want to participate in Chippy’s burial because it made her feel too sad.  My heart ached for hers.  We buried Chippy in the front yard and planted a little plant over her so we could always remember.  Chippy, you were a loyal friend and a perfect first pet.  We miss you always.  IMG_6498.JPGIMG_1422IMG_1434IMG_1720IMG_1543IMG_1786

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