Mother’s Day

For their Primary activity the kids made mother’s day cards and bracelets. When Halle got home from the activity, Rusty asked her to see the bracelet she made for Mommy. Halle paused and said, “Well….actually Dad, the bracelet is for me.” Rusty raised his eyebrows and said, “Halle…” in that “I know what your’re up to” tone of voice and she said, “Ok, it’s really for me and Mommy to SHARE.” So hard to give up cute bracelets! (and share we did, which means the bracelet is now lost)
And this is the card she made. I’d like to address the subtle nuances in this card that are very indicative of our everyday life. 2. What does she do? “Clean the kitchen” Seriously, I feel like this is all I do day in and day out. You should see the PILES of food I sweep up at the end of the day. Totally disgusting. 7. What is her favorite movie? TV. True, true. Give me re-runs and reality TV! And my personal favorite 8. How many brothers and sisters does she have. None–just me and Josh.” LOVE it!

My Mom’s day was amazing. Or I should say the day before was amazing. I got the entire day to myself. I went to the mall and got some clothes, a new dress, and some makeup, then I took myself to lunch. After that I took myself to a movie where I splurged and bought popcorn (which was actually kind of gross). It was so great–when I got home the kids were in bed so I picked up a book, read until I was tired (Which was probably before 10pm) and then went to sleep. Thanks RUSTY!!!

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