Well, Joshua’s first birthday was pretty nuts. To give you some background, the poor kid has had something funky going on in his digestive system that is giving him multiple, very gross diapers every day. This has been going on for almost two weeks. Well, on Fri, the day before Josh’s bday, Halle threw up all night long. Poor little thing. I’m guessing whatever bug Josh had/has he passed along to sister. Once morning hit she quit throwing up, but we moved Josh’s party to Sunday just to be safe.
On Sunday Brian and Sara came up from Highland’s Ranch to help us celebrate the big day. The kids had a blast all playing together. It came time for presents, and we could not make Josh be interested in opening them. He kept squirming and trying to get away. Halle could not understand what his problem was. She was perfectly willing to open the presents! But he got some fun things–a train from Grandma, a Little People firehouse set from Mom and Dad, and a cute little tow truck and soccer ball from Brian, Sara, Braxton, and Bree.
After presents we moved on to cake. He was soooo funny. Instead of scooping out little bites he just picked up the whole piece of cake and started taking huge bites (see video below). Well, he was getting tired, so after a few bites of cake he would rub his eyes, getting frosting in his eyes and hair. But he kept chugging along, and ate more and more cake. After cake it was time for bed so Rusty whisked the birthday boy away. About 20 min later he started to scream so Rusty went to check on him. He had thrown up cake all over the place! Poor baby. So we had to change his sheets, wash his bumper pads and throw him in the bath. Rusty said he just sat in the tub, staring at his distorted reflection in the faucet. He slept fine the rest of the night, but woke up this morning with hives all over his feet and hands. Needless to say, we will be making a trip to the Dr. today to try and figure out what is wrong with this poor boy.
This is why Mom’s should not have any great expectations when it comes to events involving your kids. You are bound to be let down. No, all in all we had a fun time, and are so so glad sweet little Josh is a part of our family!

3 thoughts on “HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!

  1. Hi Tara,I tried to post on your blog before, but I think it got erased somehow?? Anyway, I saw your post on my blog and was so excited to hear from you!! Your kids are so cute and I can’t believe Josh is a year old! What a crazy birthday story!! I hope the poor guy is feeling better!! Hey-do you mind if I link your site to my blog??-Amanda


  2. Tara, I love your family pictures. I think they are all so cute. I also am sooo excited you have a blog up. I know you mention emailing my friend about your blog, and you totally can, but I think your looks great. I hope all is well. Kami


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