Gina’s 40th birthday bash

Is there anything more fun that vacationing with friends? I think not. Sam invited us all to come celebrate Gina’s birthday at her favorite place on earth–their cabin at Hebgen Lake. And I think now it is also all of our favorite place on earth. We had the best time! From boating to board games, going to the Playmill, everyone getting Hebgen hoodies, going to church, girls bunk room, cooking together, laughing together, Sam’s Dad rapping for Gina at her party, riding motorcycles and the Rzr, Yellowstone, moose, eagles, mountain goats and buffalo, it’s easy to see why the Owen’s love this place so much. We were all scheming on how we too might get a Hebgen Lake cabin.

Our flight home was delayed due to a malfunctioning beacon. After shutting down the plane and restarting it, the beacon appeared to be working. But, we couldn’t fly until a mechanic came and gave the go ahead. And that mechanic lived in Idaho Falls! So….it was a long wait. We were all going to grab dinner in SLC, but it was looking increasingly likely that we were going to miss our SCL to DEN connection. Rusty starting calling around seeing if anyone would deliver pizza to the airport. After being told no several times, he finally got someone to agree. So, he ordered pizza for our entire plane. Watching the pizza all come through the security screening was amazing. It made an otherwise stressful and unhappy time a little bit lighter. People were so grateful and we all got to chat with each other about where we’d been, and where we were going. The mechanic was on the plane for less than 3 min. He gave his go ahead and off we went. But….we missed our flight in SLC by about 15 min. Sad. We spent the night at a hotel near the airport and flew out super early the next morning. Even with the flight hassle, this was one of the best weekends in the history of ever! Good friends make life so sweet.

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