July 2022 recap

Summer, you continue to FLY by.

We were way too late to buy fireworks, so giant snappers and a few sparklers were our celebration that evening.

Dino Day! We went to see the Dinos at Thanksgiving point, then saw the new Jurassic Park movie.

Fun at Snowbird! We had a great time doing the Zip Whipper, the Alpine Slide and the mountain coaster. And it was so cool and beautiful in the mountains. Big fan.
This was a trip highlight–We went to the Christa McAuliffe Space Center in PG and my dad got to live out his Star Wars Dreams as Captain of the Cassini. We had to save some innocent people from getting killed by the space bad guys and we succeeded. It was seriously so much fun.
And that’s a Utah wrap! Rusty and I look soooo tired in this pic. Because we were.

Josh did a really fun tournament in Denver. They put you in teams of three. Then each person played one singles match and two doubles matches. Josh’s team won! And it was so fun! We want to find other tournaments with this format. He got to meet new people, and being part of a team took so much pressure off only focusing on winning. Everyone was so nice, and they still played GREAT tennis.

.5 selfie like all the cool kids. We had a very rare day when we were all home in the evening, so we went to Micis and Menchies. Delicious night!

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