Josh-On the second day of our Ireland trip we drove from our hotel in Belfast all the way to the top of Northern Ireland to go coasteering, one of things I was most excited to do on this trip. When we got there we put on our swimsuits and we were each given wetsuits and boots to keep us from freezing as we swam in the water. Once we were all geared up we walked down a slope on the cliffside and got into the water. Even with the wetsuits, it was still a shock and took a bit to get used to as we swam over to a big collection of rocks that we would be exploring. Our guide took us through all sorts of jumps and climbs into the ocean and natural pools that had formed in the rocks. One of the coolest parts was the seaweed slide, where we would swim in the ocean until a big wave came along and pushed us up onto a seaweed slope along the rocks. As the wave receded, we would slide off the seaweed and drop down into the ocean. After a couple more big jumps we went to our final spot, which was a climb up the sheer cliffs to a small and slippery ledge. I chose to do the highest level, and it was intense being up on the slippery ledge in wet boots I wasn’t used to wearing. I jumped, and then the rest of my family followed on whatever ledge they wanted to do. We swam back to where we got in, and as we hiked back up a bunch of sheep were grazing on the decline and they would let us get pretty close which was cool. After we got back we took off our wetsuits and headed back to town to get lunch. Coasteering was a super unique experience, and I am very glad we did it. Jumping off gorgeous cliffs into the freezing water with castle views in the background is something you don’t come across very often, so it was easily one of the biggest highlights of the trip for me.

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