Heimaey Island

Blake here–We took a fairy to and island not too far from Iceland. When we got off the boat we went to a museum about the Eldfell volcano that erupted in 1973 and destroyed a big chunk of the island. It also made the island 20% bigger than before.

After eating our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we hiked up Eldefell volcano ridge. It was very windy up there. But the views were so pretty.

I found my cat! Every trip I find a cat.

After that we hiked back down and walked to a beluga whale sanctuary that had 2 beluga whales. The would swim up to the glass up-side down and sometimes snap at you. In the sanctuary there were also puffins that were so fun to watch dive in the water. They also had fish tanks with fish, crabs, and starfish.

We then attempted to rent electric scooters to a puffin look out. It took a lot of walking to round up 5 scooters. It was so fun to scooter around the island, but it was further than we thought to get to the puffins. Josh didn’t have a ton of battery left but we decided to risk it. Josh’s died when we got to the puffins. And the puffins were disappointing. It was so windy that they were all out at sea. We could see big flocks of them just floating in the water. But none were on land. We did get some good time with the icelandic sheep and ponies.

When we tried to ride the scooters back they were out of their boundary and would not connect. We had to abandon them on the side of the road. We thought maybe we could walk back, but quickly realized that was going to take a really, really long time. So we Googled and got the phone number for a taxi service, but it was to0 small to take us all so we had to go in two shifts. We then ate dinner and went grocery shopping. Mom found this black licorice ice cream bar. The shell was kind of good. The center filled with black licorice was not. While we were waiting of the ferry me and dad jumped on the little tramp at the playground.

Rusty taking over–The next magical part of the day was the waterfall of Seljalandsfoss where you can walk behind, which was so incredible. With the sunset and the rainbow lights, it was just amazing. Halle got the picture of the trip with a full rainbow and the waterfall. Tara says this was her favorite roadside waterfall.

And then even better just a short distance away was Gljufrabui, this felt like a cathedral, you hike back in this crack, hopping on stones until it opens up into a valt where you can see the waterfall pouring down. I loved it so much. The sound and the light. It was just great.

On our walk back to the car there was a giant, steep hill. Tara told Blake her could prove his badassery by running to the top. He immediately took on the challenge.

From there it was a long drive to Vik where we stayed. Another late night for us, pulling into the campground after 11. The campground at Vik was different, it was PACKED and huge. But it was still pretty, right up against a cliff underneath a cute white and red church. Our first camp showers and they felt great. The boys were not happy about their public-ness. Josh decided he didn’t need a shower. Blake was feeling nervous but willing to try. Halle said, “Blake just do it. Just turn around so all they can see is your butt. No one cares. You can even show your butt in pg 13 movies.”

Tara and I slept in the tent. It was loud and constricting and uncomfortable… Like all tent camping!!!! 

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