The Amazing Blake

It’s been quite the month for Blake as he finishes up middle school! Full of so many fun “Lasts” and also some very fun “Firsts!” (See Florida Band trip)

Dear Blake,

Happy 14th Birthday! I love you so much. I am really proud of the work and effort and improvement you made at school this year. We had a fun week celebrating all your Middle School accomplishments. You also had a great season on the football field. Dad and I were on the edge of our seats when you caught the game winning touchdown in double overtime in your playoffs game. SO FUN. I love to see you doing the things you love.

You have also been doing Fitness Edge with Walker and working to improve your speed and agility. And playing a lot of dodgeball. Your favorite pass time is playing on your computer. You also love to take my ebike up to King Sooper and bring home one million snacks.

I’m so excited for you to start HS in the fall. It’s going to be such a fun new chapter in your life full of lots of opportunities to grow. I hope you take advantage of all the opportunities to try new things and have new relationships. My best advice for starting HS is to remember that you are “under construction.” Your mind and your body are going to be doing a lot of growing during these next four years. This comes with some bumps and scrapes along the way, both physically, mentally, and socially. Give yourself some grace to get things wrong. If you take responsibility for your actions, and learn to try again and again, you are going to come out just fine.

Dad and I are TEAM BLAKE! Never forget that. We want all the good things life has to offer you and we are confident that this next year is going to bring great things. That doesn’t always mean easy or smooth sailing. But, as we lean on and support each other, we can get through it all.

Love, Mom

It was a fun birthday this year. Blake got a phone! He got a Samsung, which he wasn’t super thrilled about. But he decided he’d rather have a brand new Samsung, than an old, crappy iPhone, which was his other choice. He also got Stang–the world’s most sour soda. And, in adding to his kitchen appliances, he got a mini freezer. Now he never has to leave the loft. He’s got his computer, fridge, microwave and freezer. He and I went to lunch and Mod Pizza and got a birthday cupcake from Small Cakes. That evening the whole family took a ride to KS to get a birthday treat.

Blake got sick the day of his birthday party (probably from consuming a mountain of junk food–see pic below) so we postponed his party until after his Florida trip. It was worth the wait! We ate pizza, had ice cream sandwich cake, and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Then, the moment they’d been waiting all year for…..The Band Trip to DisneyWorld! Blake worked hard all summer selling shave ice. We also sold cookie kits on many holidays. He earned $1500 toward his trip! I’m proud that he set his mind to a big goal, and didn’t give up! I don’t have a ton of pics, but some highlights included the beach, the Velocicoaster at Universal Studios, Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot, Tron ride at DisneyWorld (and getting the Genie+ pass that day). They got to hang out in groups of 3 or more, and then just check in with their chaperones every hour with a photo. It was really fun for them to have their independence and choose exactly how they wanted to spend their days.

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