Theater of the Seas and Sombrero Beach

Theater of the Seas and Sombrero beach

Rusty and I woke up and snuck out for a bike ride along the beach. Renting the bikes didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked, so we didn’t have a ton of time. But it felt good to get out snd enjoy the morning air before it got too hot. We came back, ate the rest of our breakfast food and after a quick stop at Walmart to stock up on provisions we were headed for the Keys! 

First on the agenda was Theater of the Seas. Halle had researched a few places and decided this would be the best one for our family. There were 4 shows: Parrots, Dolphins, Sea Lions and Reptiles. The dolphin show was the runaway favorite. It was so so hot. It felt like our skin was melting off! By the time we got to the reptiles we didn’t know how much longer we could last. Luckily, over by the nurse sharks there were very overpriced slushee drinks. SO worth it. They cooled us down and gave us the sugar rush we needed to finish up our time at Theater of the Seas. 

Next we made our way to Sombrero Beach. It was a beautiful beach park! We had read that the snorkeling off the beach was pretty good snd Rusty was eager to break in his snorkeling gear. Rusty and the kids all got in the water and to their disappointment, no one saw a thing! Not one tiny fish. 

In talking to someone at the beach we learned it had been pretty windy for a few days which stirs up the water and drives the fish away. Bummer. 

We didn’t last too long at this beach before we were ready for dinner. Burdines did not disappoint. We met Salty, who worked on the dock pumping gas. He told us how he survived hurricane Irma and he taught Rusty how to read a wind map, which became very helpful for the rest of the trip. 

We ate fish sandwiches, perfect fries and had our first Key Lime pie. Burdines claim to fame is their fried key lime. It did not disappoint. It might have been the favorite key lime of the trip. 

We finished up the drive to Cudjoe Key where Starfish Haven awaited us. It was so cute! And right on the water. We were only one house away from the ocean. The view was beautiful. The rental was in a little community called Venture Out. There was a pool, tennis and pickle ball courts, and our house came with 2 bikes, 2 paddle boards and a kayak. 

After we settled in we hit the pool.  It was a beautiful night and we had so much fun hanging out together. We were all asleep the second our heads hit the pillow. 


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