Back to School Bash VIII

Back to School Bash looked quite a bit different this year due to social distancing guidelines. Instead of inviting everyone we know, each kid got to invite just a couple friends. I didn’t even need to order donuts or ice blocks in advance. Even though it wasn’t quite the same, I’m still glad we kept up with this tradition. After we were done ice blocking, we came to our house and had a pizza feast.

Also in keeping with tradition, we had our Back to School dinner. This year it was grilled cheese, tater tots, peaches, chocolate milk, and lunch lady peanut butter bars. Delicious! After dinner Rusty gave all the kids a Father’s blessing.

We also introduced our new family theme for the year. 2020 has thown a lot of things our way. And I love that this quote can give some great perspective as we navigate through life’s challenges.

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