Fun Week

We had a great week, but no pics to show for it! Jana and Becca were visiting from Utah and staying with Sara, so we all took the kids to the zoo on Wed. It worked out great b/c Josh had a dermotologist appointment at the Childen’s Hospital early that morning, so we were alreay in Denver anyway. The poor kid–he had so many skin issues I didn’t even know where to being. But the dr. gave him something for his eczema which worked great. He’s had bleeding, infected eczema for like a month and NOTHING was even touching it. So we are glad of that. And he had a skin virus called molluscum which he got burned off. That sounds painful, but it really wasn’t too bad at all.
The kids had a great time at the zoo. I think the elephants and monkeys were the biggest hits. I usually had at least three kids in my stoller, so I got a killer workout.
Then Friday night was GIRLS NIGHT. Jana, Sara, Becca and I went to downtown Denver and did a little window shopping and then to see “Get Smart.” We got there a little late, so we were sitting on the 2nd row. Yikes! But it was so much fun to hang with the girls and just laugh and have a good time.
We rounded out the weekend at Braxton’s Birthday party (Which happened to fall on Sara’s birthday) The kids played water games and then we had a yummy bbq. We were laughing over so many high school memories and had a great night. It was so fun to see Jana and Becca and we hope they come out again soon!

7 thoughts on “Fun Week

  1. I want a girls night with my best friends! Are we ever going to all be in the same place again? Was that movie good? I think it looks really funny but sometimes the best parts are in the commercials. Hey, I am partly sending this to you as a plea to end my boredom and call me back! I really need to talk to my friend Tara again. It is 115 degrees here and I’m getting cabin fever. Please help me get through this summer with a little adult conversation! Love ya and miss you lots!


  2. nathaniel had eczema from dairy products until he was two and still gets his bloody itches. we have used aveno bath and lotion products. poor little josh!


  3. eczema doesn’t sound fun. How is Colorado treating you? I wish I was there. I can’t believe how big your kids have gotten, it has been forever since Logan huh. Hope all stays great. Oh and my married name is Nelson (no worries I don’t remember most peoples either).


  4. I hope Josh is doing better now. It sounds like it was a blast having your girlfriends in town. It is the best to have great girlfriends. I got to see some of mine when I was in Utah. There is just something about being with friends that have know you for a long time and still love you. 🙂 I hope you are doing good. Loves


  5. Poor Josh! My sister had mollescom (sp?) and Jeff’s sister had exema (sp?) when they were younger. I think it worked itself out! I hope he gets better soon.I love the ‘Russy’ comment. That is TOO FUNNY!!!Glad you’re doing well!


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