Erie Homecoming was cold, but fun this year.  First up, the Parade!  Josh and his friends loved scrambling for candy, and we cheered loud as the Marching Band and Halle went by.  2019-10-11 17.42.042019-10-11 20.29.36Halle and her friends decided to give the dance a try this year.  I think they’re glad they did.  We hosted a fancy dinner at our house complete with Charcuterie and homemade Italian Sodas. We served those first with all the parents there for pictures.  After parents left we had Fettuccine Alfredo, Garlic bread, and Caesar Salad.  We had Chocolate Raspberry trifle for dessert.  I paid the boys 5 bucks to be waiters for the evening.  And Riley even left them a tip! 2019-10-12 20.12.17The lighting couldn’t have been more perfect for pictures.  They all looked so beautiful.  I’m sure they turned many heads when they went into the dance!  2019-10-12 18.23.03-12019-10-29 06.05.062019-10-29 06.09.032019-10-29 06.17.032019-10-29 06.13.39

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